An 18 Year Old Makes History in the Sneaker and NFT Worlds

Eighteen year old artist, Victor aka FEWOCiOUS, has made quite a name for himself this past year in the crypto world. He is known for his colorful, surrealist art and for quite honestly blowing up on his own within a year. To put it in perspective in January 2020 he was struggling to even sell his art but in November of that year, he sold a 1/1 piece for $25,000. He was 17 at the time.


On Clubhouse, he explained that his family did not support him at all. It was the type of household that he needed to get out of, but he was only 17 and had no money and no plan. He would just continue making art and posting it online, until he finally gained traction and sales. He has sinced moved out and is on his own, however, he has the entire crypto community behind his back, in full support.


In July 2020, he sold his first pair of sneakers with his art painted on them. His most recent collaboration was somewhat of a nod to that project. Fast forward to February 2021, he has collaborated with RTFKT, creators of next gen sneakers and collectibles in the metaverse. Together they released 3 NFTs of Air Force 1s on Nifty Gateway as an Open Edition drop. Open Edition means for a set period of time anyone can buy this NFT however many times and they will mint to each order. All three sneakers were released for 5 minutes.

The cheapest pair ($3,000) sold 279 editions (or mints), the middle pair ($5,000) sold 207 editions, and the most expensive ($10,000) sold 121 editions.

He made $3.1 million in 5 minutes… at the age of 18. Sneaker history. Crypto history.


Lastly, the really awesome and incentivizing part of this drop is that owners of the NFT will get the physical pair also! I can't wait for my pair.


An 18 Year Old Makes History in the Sneaker and NFT Worlds