The Hundreds mints their newest collection as NFTs

Last week, Bobby Hundreds posted an essay on The Hundreds’ website explaining the importance of crypto and NFTs. If you don’t already know what NFTs are, I recommend you read his essay, because he does a really good job of explaining it at a high level. And if you don’t know what crypto or the blockchain is, then stay tuned - the Hypegeek blog will dive deep into these topics soon.

Bobby's Minted Essay

This essay is actually huge – it shines light on how the internet will change if (and when) we decentralize, or fully move onto the blockchain. The first step to moving toward this is getting this information to as many people as possible, so shoutout to Bobby for writing this essay for the streetwear culture. Bobby announced on this essay that he will be minting the designs of the graphic tees on the Spring Summer 2021 collection. He’s turning streetwear into NFTs. You can now own the original graphic designs of their shirts.

Zora x The Hundreds

Today (February 9), he officially released the minted graphics on Go check out the designs on The Hundreds’ profile. Maybe leave a bid if you love something. Bobby also minted the essay, so you can own that piece of history. This is revolutionary – this is history – this is crypto.



 Note: You should also look at the other artwork posted on Zora (you may find some familiar names or images)


The Hundreds mints their newest collection as NFTs