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[fitting room]

The Size is based off of how many keys are on your keyboard.

The Sandstone is a 65% size (68 keys). We chose a size that had all the functionality you need and currently use on your keyboard, but compacting it into a sleek form factor that reduces the appearance of desk clutter.

60%-65% keyboard

It has an extremely sleek aesthetic look that decreases the appearance of desk clutter. There are ranges of 60% keyboards, some have 61 keys, some have 68 keys (includes the arrow keys)


typically has the same amount of keys as 80%, but tightly packed together for a more sleek form factor.

80% aka Tenkeyless

Does not include the number pad, thus typically having around 87 keys.

100% aka Full Keyboards

Often have 104 keys. This includes the number pad on the right side. Unless you're an accountant, you've probably never touched this part of the keyboard.