About Us

Our Story:

We’re hardcore gamers and students of culture. In 2017 no one believed gaming had a culture let alone a culture worth rocking publicly.

We wondered if there were more of us out there, so in 2018 we created the world’s first esports gym. It was a place for culturally relevant gamers to congregate and it was here that we fostered our community of gamers we call Hypegeeks. As we grew our community, global brands like Nike, Adidas, and Complex reached out to us to understand the Hypegeek.

Working with these brands helped us realize the value of creating our own brand for the Hypegeek and thus Higround was born.

Our Mission:

We're founded on the understanding that Hypegeeks are the new wave of gamers.

Our mission is to provide products and services that help these aspirational gamers accomplish their goals while maintaining a brand culturally relevant to them.

Our Products:

We aim to bring a further appreciation to hardware that everyone uses, but often overlooks.

We call it Streetware. Hardware made with a design and aesthetics approach, branded in a fashionable way.