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Front of Naruto x HG Performance Base 65 Keyboard - Naruto

Released 3.22.24

Naruto x Higround Capsule


Discover the spirit of Naruto in this all new collaboration. Just like Naruto's journey, we're breaking limits and embracing challenges.

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Higround Quad Utility Bag 2.0 front

Released 4.5.24

Quad Utility Bag 2.0


The Quad Utility Bag 2.0 holds everything you need to win: a  keyboard, mousepad, mouse, controller, laptop (up to 16”) and more

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Collection includes: 10 keyboards, 4 keycap sets, 5 mousepads, 1 jellybag, and 1 t-shirt.

Higround Quad Utility Bag with Laptop, Keyboard, and Mousepad