Quickstart Guide

Summit 65 Quickstart:

Keyboard modes & shortcuts:

(Hold 5s)
Reset keyboard and restore to factory settings
FN + Windows key
(Hold 2s)
Enable or disable the Windows key, Game mode
FN + Z Color palette picker for top board LED
(Right Arrow is default color)
FN + Left Arrow Rotate between 8 lighting base colors
FN + Right Arrow Change lighting effect 1-7 speed
Windows key flash at min, max levels
FN + UP Arrow Decrease lighting brightness
(0-7 levels)
FN + Down Arrow Increase lighting brightness
(0-7 levels)
FN + B Rotate side LED lighting effects:
(Off, Solid, Breathe)


Lighting Effects:

FN + Tab Rotate between lighting effects,
11 onboard effects:
Rightwave Lighting effect #1
Crossline Lighting effect #2
Downwave Lighting effect #3
Raindown Lighting effect #4
Rippleout Lighting effect #5
Hitkey Lighting effect #6
Hitaoe Lighting effect #7
Breathe Lighting effect #8
Solid Lighting effect #9
Radar Lighting effect #10
Laser Lighting effect #11


 Multimedia Functions:

FN + K Sound Mute
FN + L Sound Volume Up
FN + J Sound Volume Down
FN + F Previous Song
FN + G Play/Pause
FN + H Skip Song
FN + O Insert key
FN + P Print Screen key
FN + N Home key
FN + M End key
FN + 1 to = F1-F12 Functions key

FN + Left Ctrl

(Hold 2s)

Enable or disable the F1-F12 Function key lock