Sandstone/Skystone Keyboard


Pre-Order | Ships in Early February

Designed for the Hypegeek, the culturally aware gamer.

  • Gateron Red switches: light enough to register your blistering 90’s but weighty enough to accurately capture your typing.
  • Fully Customizable RGB Lighting: Achieve your ultimate form and slap this baby in front of your dual monitors like the true gamer that you are.
  • 68 Keys: a sleek form factor that minimizes desk clutter but unlike most 60% boards, ours includes the crucial arrow keys.
  • Ninja print lettering: we tucked the letters in a place where you can always see ‘em, but won’t interfere with the design
  • OEM Profile keycaps: the optimal keycap profile for ergonomic gaming and typing
  • PBT Keycaps: PBT is the highest standard for keycap material because of it’s premium feel and durability.
  • Macro Programming: Shortcut your most common computer operations with our app’s macro programming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great Keybard!

This is the first mechanical keyboard I have ever used. I was going between a few different models out there but what really sealed the deal was the design of the keycaps. It was something that I had not yet seen before and added some life to the keyboard. The build is very strong. There is no give or bend in the one I have and it has good weight to it. I'd just be careful if you pull the caps off at all to make sure you don't scratch up the design. The software seems a little outdated when compared to some of the others I have seen, but it comes with great RGB presets that are easy to control from the keyboard itself and I never have to use the software. Overall, I would recommend this keyboard to anyone and I hope Higround can one day expand their business into other peripherals like a wrist rest that would go along with their keyboard designs.

Amazing guys

Best (gaming) keyboard nice silhouette colors etc. Jelly bag, no boring desk pics, big up the higround hypegeek team. Shoutout to @rust1n


I’m not a mechanical keyboard connoisseur, but my first impression was amazement. The keystrokes are exactly that, smooth, clean strokes. Each key is sensitive but has just enough resistance to feel right. The only experience i can liken it to is that of a well-made piano. I’m in love.

Smooth and Sexy

The Higround Sandstone Keyboard looks and feels so great. It's a perfect size and has a great feel. The keys are smooth and responsive. This is easily the most fun I've ever had while typing and gaming.


It is just so good looking keyboard feel¨s good plays good just amezing

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